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comment to be added

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I take it that means nobody's getting cut? *cling* we may not talk often anymore? but I still pay attention to you.

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Hate to say it, but uh... the banner's not loading for me.

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Nope, it hasn't loaded for me at all from home. It does load at work, though. Mmm....damn Rogers.

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Random note - i love this banner! :D

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Don't forget Cameron.

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Hey you, it's Jess. I'm being a creepy stalker and adding you if that's alright.

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........... hey baby,

remember me? 8)

(hint it's a three letter name that starts with 'S')

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that's what i thought






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I forget how this works. If I friend you, do we become friends, or do you have to add me too?

-newb :(

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Hey there! I'd love to be added. I'm gay, and not always G-rated, but I'm a genuinely caring and fun person. Would love to add some new peeps to my journal.

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Hey! I saw your post in add_me (I'm an on-again-off-again member) and enjoyed what you had to say. I think we'd get along and are fascinated by the same stuff... let's be friendsssss...

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I am a nerdy gamer! I saw you in [ profile] add_me! Can you add me back?

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Hey, you asked me about drive-by friending a week ago, but I've been busy so I just now had the time to check me inbox. My answer is, go for it! I'm always happy to add a new person to my f-list. :3

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Ohai, I found you while searching through LJ interests and you seem like a really cool person. Do you mind if I add you? :)

Also, that banner is gorgeous ♥
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hey. hey. add me. hey. HEY. ADD ME.

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Welcome, welcome!
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Jods reporting for duty.